Things I’m Loving 2!

If you missed Things I’m Loving 1 you can find it here.

I sort of love this series. It gives me the chance to find awesome things on the internet or in the world that don’t make much sense to share on their own and make them into a cohesive post.

1.) First up, a birthday gift from my lovely friend Kate. I couldn’t believe it when I opened it. A gold kale leaf! It’s now become a permanent part of my key chain and I smile every time I open the door. Thank you Kate!

kale leaf key chain

2.) I know we’re like 8 years behind the times but we just started the Dexter series and can’t get enough. It’s such a good show, I don’t know how I can root for a serial killer but I love him. Michael C. Hall is brilliant! If you haven’t already watched it, you should.


3.) This mini-workout. I found it on Pinterest the other day and did it after a run. It was fun to add a little something different to my usual routine.

Victoria Secret Workout

4.) This book. Unbeknownst to me I downloaded it from the library before realizing it’s about 800 pages long. I’m about 50% through, finally, and although sometimes it can be slow I’m now very invested in these Hungarian characters.

The Invisible Bridge

5.) These Athleta yoga pants. I have been a big Lululemon fan for as long as I can remember and really love their stuff but the prices are a little high, especially on a teacher’s salary. Now that I’m teaching some community classes at Athleta, I thought I’d try out a pair. And then another. And another. I’m loving their pants. They fit great, don’t ride or bunch and are less expensive than Lulu. I also bought a pair for my sister for Christmas and she’s a huge fan for running. Worth a try, you can return after a workout if you hate them, no questions asked.

Athleta pants

6.) The city by the bay. Tickets are booked! We’ll be home the first weekend in April. Let the countdown begin. Napa, Urban Flow, Gracias Madre, fog, friends and family here we come.

Golden Gate

Enjoy and Exhale!

Things I’m Loving!

I had a teacher for high school English that always reprimanded us for using the word thing(s) in our writing. I remember him getting, what seemed to me, overly angry that the word didn’t have a meaning and didn’t belong in writing. To this day I always second guess myself whenever I use it. YVHS AP English class of ’99 please back me up here. Anyone?

Luckily I think Mr. Spiegelberg has lost track of me. So I’ll keep the title as is.

Things I’m Loving!

1.) This infographic I found on yogatrail the other day. If you have a regular yoga practice it’s a nice way of determining whether you should branch out and try a different style. For those new to yoga it’s a simple, fun tool if you don’t know where to start. I didn’t end up at vinyasa or power…maybe I should look into kundalini for a change of pace.

yogatrail infographic

2.) I bought Michael this shirt for Christmas. So awesome!

Step Brothers T-shirt

3.) Then I couldn’t resist and bought this one for his brother Dave. Love!

step brothers tshirt

4.) I recently finished Nora Ephron’s last book I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections. This passage on why it’s so much better to eat dessert (and all meals in my opinion) with a small utensil is so lovely. It also reminds me so much of one of my bestest friends Julie that it makes me smile re-reading it for the tenth time.


5.) These two songs.

Fade Into You

One of Those Nights-Tim McGraw

Yes, I’m a country fan. Yes, I watch Nashville.  Both are just SO good.

6.) This forecast for the weekend. 50s in January? I’ll take it.

weekend weather

I think that’s a pretty good list for a Tuesday.

Enjoy and Exhale!