Garden of the Gods

Happy Cyber Monday. Hope you’re online shopping instead of working this fine morning. 🙂

I purchased my first gift about 20 minutes ago. The holiday season has officially begun. But before we get all Christmas-y let’s finish up Thanksgiving.

After stuffing ourselves with delicious food on Thursday, Michael and I got up super early on Friday for another run around Colorado Springs. We ended up at Starbucks where we met Michael’s brothers Andy and David. We then leisurely strolled home with Andy while he told us the history of Colorado Springs.

After our walk we got ready to meet Michael’s dad and his wife for lunch at the Tavern in the Broadmoor Hotel. The Broadmoor is a beautiful old hotel with stunning views of the mountains. We took a little stroll afterward for some pictures.

The rest of Friday was a blur but we did take a lovely long nap in the afternoon. Love holiday weekends.

On Saturday morning we got up and went to the Garden of the Gods which is a collection of huge sandstone rock formations. I’ve been to Colorado Springs a few times now but had never made it there before. It was unbelievably pretty and only about 15 minutes from Jim and Linda’s place.

We got there on the earlier side to avoid the crowds but the sun was already shining and hot!

Hello hotness!

This formation is called Kissing Camels because of the two rocks at the top.

Beautiful view looking north over the garden.

An awkward self portrait. Love the camera shadow.


View from the top of the garden looking toward Colorado Springs. It was so peaceful and there were a bunch of hiking trails around the formations. I wish we could have spent all day hiking and exploring.

After Garden of the Gods we went into the little town of Manitou. We walked around for a bit and stumbled on the penny arcade, where we proceeded to play 6 rounds of Skeeball. So much fun, especially since I won every single game! My years of practice at Chuck E. Cheese’s finally paid off.

Soon it was time to head back to the airport.

We had such a wonderful time in Colorado. Thank you to all of Michael’s family for such a fun holiday. We’ll be back soon.


My First Snow

I won’t deny it, I’m a California girl at heart. Sure I spent my childhood skiing Sugar Bowl in Tahoe with my dad and siblings and long weekend’s at our family cabin in Serene Lakes but I’ve never lived anywhere full-time where it snows. I was sort of in denial that winter was actual going to happen but Mother Nature had other plans.

I left the gym around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and was hit with a stunning darkness that on its own was shocking but the air was also filled with a flurry of snowflakes, leaving me with a mix of childlike wonder and adult size dread. How fun to walk around in all this white stuff, maybe I’ll make a snow angel, quickly turned to worry about slipping on the sidewalk and not having the right jacket. Not to mention that everyone keeps telling me we’re still about 30-40 degrees away from the real cold…say what?

For the time being I’ll try to hover somewhere in the wonderment camp while also buying a really heavy winter coat!

Here are just a few pictures from last night. Michael reminded me that it was less than a foot of snow and not very impressive for a Colorado boy but I still thought it picture worthy.

Luckily, it sounds like Mother Nature is taking temps back into the 60s for somebody’s birthday weekend. I’m attempting some new recipes to celebrate but, given my track record this week, I also made reservations for a nice dinner.

Have a great Thursday!


Little Bits of Random 3

In celebration of the weekend, I present Little Bits of Random 3.

We’ve been getting outside as much as possible lately to soak up the last of the warm temps and the stunning colors.

Fall colors are in bloom all over the city now.

Dusk on the river.

One very happy puppy after a long ball throwing session.

Guy loving up on Michael.

Family meeting.

Eli on his third run of the week in Jamaica Plains.

Sunset looking west off the Mass Ave bridge.

Skyline at dusk.

Have a lovely weekend.