Homemade Peanut Butter and Friendships

Last night I had some new girlfriends over. We ate cheese and crackers and veggies and delicious banana bread. We also drank wine while complaining about the weather and how hard it is to make good girlfriends as you get older. Over the past couple years I’ve heard this complaint a lot, from both myself and the ladies I’ve met and it doesn’t seem to be specific to Boston either.

When we are no longer in school with ample time to “hang out” but instead work full-time or take care of children all day it leaves little time for friendship. Seems we’re all yearning for more friends and yet we can’t figure out how to connect. Add a move and a new city to the mix and it makes it all the more difficult.

Plain and simple, as an adult it can be hard to make new friends!

It requires time and effort to develop close friendships and I’ll admit, it can be also be somewhat uncomfortable. It’s almost like a first date, meeting a friend of a friend for coffee or a perfect stranger for a yoga class, where I’m not really sure if we have enough in common to hang out but decide to try anyway. It can leave me feeling a little insecure as I wistfully think of my friends back home. But, then I remember that at some point they too were new friends. They were the awkward meet up for a run or book club or cocktail that grew into these deep, lasting friendships. And that keeps me optimistic.

I can never tell how much is too much to share here. Whether I shouldn’t write about this kind of stuff because it might make me sound childish and whiny. But then I think if I’m having this problem and many of the other women I’ve met are feeling them same, then maybe I’ll just be open about it. I’ll risk seeming less than blog perfect (ha!) if it opens up a dialog and makes us all feel less like we’re the only ones. If you happen to have all the friends you need then I’m a little envious and please ignore the above.

I wish at the end of this ramble I could give a solution. Like a fool-proof app where you could punch in a couple of criteria and presto you’d have 5 new best friends. I don’t have that app. 😦

What I do have is peanut butter. The fool-proof kind where you dump it all into a processor  and presto, you have a new best friend!

See how that worked? The perfect segue from friends to peanut butter in less than 30 words.

This recipe is not ground breaking. There are plenty of homemade peanut butter recipes out there, I’d just never tried any myself. Our last jar of store-bought peanut butter looked like this today.

peanut butter

So, I figured now was as good a time as any to try it. The process couldn’t be simpler and calculating the cost, making my own was about a $1 cheaper. Not a huge sum but I like the idea of being able to adjust the salt and am looking forward to mixing a couple of different kinds of nuts and flavorings together for tailor-made nut butters.

Homemade Peanut Butter (vegan, gluten-free)

1 16 oz bag of unsalted peanuts

1/2 tsp salt


Add peanuts and salt to your food processor.

peanut butter 1 minute

Run the processor for about 4-5 minutes until peanut butter is smooth. Scrap down the sides if necessary.

Peanut butter 3 minutes

Makes one jar. Store in the fridge.

homemade peanut butter 1

Enjoy and Exhale!

Weekend Update

Weekends are just the best. Even though I ‘work’ on Saturday mornings they are still so much better than the rest of the week. This weekend was no exception.

Friday night we laid low. We are obsessed with a little Thai restaurant in Allston called Brown Sugar Cafe that happens to deliver. The food is so good that we’re basically on a first name basis with the delivery boy. I had the veggie rolls with peanut sauce and the vegetable curry which is spicy but not too hot. Michael had the tofu pad thai which is pretty much the same thing we always order. What can I say, when it’s good why mess with it?

Brown Sugar Thai

Saturday morning I taught. I’m starting to get some regulars in my classes and it’s so nice to see familiar faces every week. I love sharing a part of the weekend with such lovely people. I’ve said it before but Saturday morning classes are extra sweet. Everyone’s mood is a little brighter and the energy is so positive.

Saturday night we headed to Somerville to meet up with our friends Kristy and Erik.

Kristy and Erik

We watched the playoff games at the Thirsty Scholar which happens to also be where they shot scenes for the Social Network. It’s a pretty awesome little restaurant but they do make it out to seem much more glamorous in the movie.

The bar was filled with Packers fans and after a half of listening to them hoot and holler we headed over to Kristy’s sister and husband’s house. We ended up playing the world’s greatest game, Apples to Apples, until way too late.

We had a game group in SF that we miss terribly so it was really nice to find some friends to play with out here. As the night wore on the winning cards started to make less and less sense. This is just an example of the winning cards…spiders are glitzy? I know this means nothing if you haven’t played before but trust me it’s as nonsensical as it seems.

Apples to Apples

We slept in late Sunday morning, an anomaly for me, then went for a coffee walk.

It was sunny and warm this afternoon and by warm I mean in the 40s (I can’t believe my definition of warm is this warped) so I took Eli out for a run. We did our usually loop along the river at a moderate pace with a couple of stops in between for puppy sniffing.

01/06 Run

It sort of surprised me but parts of the Charles have frozen over; I assumed it was too deep to freeze. It gives the river a surreal quality.

Boston winter Boston winter

The rest of Sunday has been spent watching football and looking for a decent vegetable stew recipe. Haven’t found one quite right yet so I’ll be experimenting on my own version tonight. If it’s any good I’ll share this week.

Hope your weekend was lovely.

Enjoy and Exhale!

A December Weekend

This morning I woke up to sunshine, blue skies, 50 degree temps and a bright sparkling river outside my living room window. We bought our Christmas tree this weekend so the house smells like the holidays and despite having been on hold with BofA for the past 30 minutes, life feels very cheerful and full. I’ve chosen optimism over last week’s pessimism. It was getting tiring feeling glum. I am incredibly affected by the state of the weather, can you tell? 🙂

Regardless, the weekend was very nice.

It started on Friday night with a special class with one of my favorite San Francisco yoga teachers, Les Leventhal. He was in town for a weekend of workshops. Friday’s class was so heartfelt and warm with a dynamic sequence that included lots of standing twists and arm balances, my favorite. Being in his class again made me really homesick for San Francisco and its yoga scene but as class went on I became more and more grateful for the chance to be homesick at all. If I’d never left home, I’d never have known how wonderful it is. Wow, I’m all sorts of PollyAnna today!

Saturday was snow filled. White flurries came floating down as I made my way to my Saturday morning classes. After teaching, Michael, Eli and I headed out for a walk and coffee. I must say having a proper winter jacket makes the cold much more manageable. Imagine that.

Saturday evening we picked up our Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree ShoppingIMG_2635

Saturday night we met our friends, Kristy and Eric, for dinner at Cafe Sushi in Cambridge.

I had a slew of vegetable rolls.

First up, a piece of fennel and wasabi. Tasty.


Then an asparagus roll on the left. Best of the night.

And a roll with assorted pickled vegetables on the right which was okay but I probably wouldn’t order again.


After dinner we went to the Miracle of Science for a drink. They were playing old 90s R&B hits. The whole place was like a big bizarre dance party. The people watching was amazing. Below is a dark picture of Kristy and me.

Kristy and Me

There was lots of discussion about Kristy’s new hashtag #lifebetweentwofingers so naturally there are about 30 pictures like the below.



And one sweet kissing one of course.


I swear Eric was there too but I didn’t have a good pic and didn’t think he’d appreciate a blurry call out.

Sunday morning I woke up with a lovely sore throat. So,we ended up spending the majority of the day watching football on the couch while Michael played with his new Ipad and I drank lots of tea.

And that brings us back to this sunshine filled day.

Hope you can enjoy a dose of vitamin D as well!

Weekend Eats and Travels

More wind and rain but otherwise nothing significant to report here. Except the elevator in our building is making quite a raucous and it’s driving me CRAZY! I’m now hiding out in our spare bedroom to get away from the constant screeching.

Before all the wild weather started yesterday we had a lovely weekend.

On Friday night we went to dinner with some friends, Kristy and Erik. Kristy and I worked together when we were both living in Sacramento many years ago. We both happened to move to Boston within a month of each other and wanted to set up a double date now that we’re both settled in Boston.

Kristy made reservations at a place called West Bridge in Cambridge. The food was good, but rather expensive for the portion sizes. The company was wonderful.

We started with cocktails.

Then onto apps.

I had the mushrooms and sunchokes. It had some kind of yogurt sauce. The sunchokes tasted amazing. I plan to pick some up soon and find something to make with them.

Michael’s app was quinoa and carrots, which sounds boring but was actually incredibly flavorful. I snuck many bites of this dish.

He had the monkfish for his entrée which he raved about.

I had the farro. I am a huge fan of farro but don’t make it at home because it’s not gluten-free so whenever I see it on menus I gravitate toward it. The flavors of this dish were good but it was overly salted which was a bummer because otherwise I would have eaten the whole thing.

Afterward we went to a brewery across the street and the boys talked for many hours about the Broncos (they are both from Colorado).

On Saturday Michael, Eli and I took a drive to Cape Cod. One of the things we were most excited about when moving to the East Coast was its proximity to great weekend trips. Neither of us had ever been to the Cape so we thought we’d check it out before winter hits.

We drove all the way to Provincetown or P-Town. It’s pretty much what I expected. An adorable, quaint beach town with lots of restaurants, coffee shops and tourist-y stores. I wish we had been able to stay the night. I would love to have spent more time exploring the other towns on the Cape.

P-town also has a large gay population and they really got into the Halloween spirit. They almost put the Castro to shame, almost. It was such great people watching.

We also went to the beach where Michael proceeded to show me how to skip rocks. Epic fail! I couldn’t stop laughing as I sunk one rock after another.

It only took us about an hour and a half to get back but we were starving when we got home. We made the best sweet potato, brussel sprout tacos. I took approximately zero pictures of the meal but when we make them again I’ll share with you all. Don’t worry, it’ll be soon.

Off to figure out how to get down to Allston in the rain.

For those local folks reading, I begin teaching at All One Yoga this week.

Vinyasa All Levels on Thursdays at 4:30 and Power Yoga All Levels Saturdays at 10:30. Come join me!

Dinner Party Puzzle

Last weekend we were invited to a dinner party at our new friend’s home. There were four couples in total and a lot of dietary restrictions. We were a difficult group to cook for and finding recipes that fulfilled all our needs was probably a bit like a frustrating crossword puzzle.

But, our hosts Inga and Jason did a fabulous job of creating a variety of dishes that catered to all sorts of diets: vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. I obviously know a lot about most of the aforementioned, but soy-free is new to me. I didn’t realize it was in everything until my friend Amanda pointed it out. Soy in cooking spray? Who knew!

Despite the tricky puzzle, the food was divine. The meal started with assorted breads, cheeses and wine. Then we had a spicy and flavorful vegetarian carrot ginger soup. I’ll have to recreate it at some point, it was the perfect fall soup.

Next up, salad and a root vegetable hash that was so good I asked for the recipe so I could recreate here and attempt to make it vegan. There was also fish for those fish eaters in the group.

Dessert was brownies and ice cream for most.

It was a really fun night spent chatting around the table.

And later in front of a big fire.

Although four of the eight are co-workers, they did a really great job of leaving the shop talk behind. There were lots of how we met, where we’ve lived and pets we love stories; my favorite kinds of nights.

All in all it was such a fun night getting to know some new friends and eating tasty food. Thank you Inga and Jason.

Recipe to follow tomorrow, I have to pick up the ingredients first.

Have a great Thursday.