Holiday Prep

Sorry for the silence.

Michael came home on Friday and we’ve been busy wrapping gifts and watching holiday movies, including one of my all-time favs, Elf!Will Ferrell in Elf

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We’ve also been running millions of errands and cleaning the house.

My family is coming to visit for Christmas. My mom and brother arrive tonight and Sarah is heading up on the train tomorrow afternoon. A full house means lots and lots of cleaning. I’m seriously considering shaving both pets (just kidding!). House guests also means grocery shopping and food prep for 5 instead of 2. Much harder than I imagined, especially for 3 people I don’t live with and don’t really know their tastes.

We’ve planned for a lot of food, some of which I’m sure will be vetoed by my unconsulted family, but here’s our tentative plan for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners.

Christmas Eve: 

Turkey for the meat eaters with cranberry sauce.

This root vegetable hash from a few months back, yum!

Spinach salad with candied pecans, dried cherries and crumbled blue cheese

Michael’s mom Linda’s roasted brussel sprouts and grapes

For dessert, we’re attempting Jacques Pepin’s Chocolate Soufflè which happens to be naturally gluten-free.

Christmas Day: 

Brown sugar glazed ham for the meat eaters

Pumpkin, spinach mashed potatoes from here. I’ve made this a bunch of times, it’s amazing. If you’re still looking for a potato dish to serve I strongly suggest this one.

Shredded brussel sprout and kale salad topped with a garlic vinaigrette and pecorino

Roasted carrots with tahini sauce

For dessert my mom’s famous green cookies!

I’m very much looking forward to some family time, eating good food, drinking a little wine by the fire and hopefully enjoying my first white Christmas.

Wishing you a peaceful, happy holiday filled with sweetness and love.

Enjoy and Exhale!