A Colorado Thanksgiving

This was my first official Thanksgiving away from California. It was a little sad not to be going home but Michael’s family welcomed me with open arms and lots of love.

We got in on Wednesday and were greeted by bright blue Colorado skies and 70 degree weather (why do we live in Boston again?)

We made the drive from Denver to Colorado Springs and spent the day visiting with Michael’s family.

Michael’s brother David and the family dog Charlie with their matching hair dos!

Michael’s cousin JP’s daughter Liv (pretty much the world’s cutest little girl)

Thanksgiving morning we were up early, thank you time difference, so we decided to run a Turkey Trot put on by the Briargate YMCA. It was such a fun morning. Everyone had great energy and the YMCA did an amazing job with the race. It was really well-organized and all the volunteers were so friendly and helpful.

The race went really well considering we were 6500 feet above sea level. Our race results are below. There were 2800 people in the race so we were really happy with where we both placed!

Sweaty, tired post race pic.

After the race we headed back to the house where we played and watched some football.

Charlie found a nice comfortable spot between Jim and me on the couch.

There was also lots of food prep and socializing going on.

Michael and Jim making mashed potatoes.

Liv and Candy discussing something very serious.

The ladies before dinner. (I tried to fix the red-eye but for some reason iphoto wasn’t having it.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get even one picture of Linda working in the kitchen, fail!

Soon enough, dinner was ready.

Beautiful table.

Even more beautiful table.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving plate.

Winning sweet potato dish…Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Lime Dressing.

David after “housing” his dinner.

Michael giving someone the stink eye.

Unfortunately I didn’t do a great job with documenting the day, sorry to Andy, Henley, JP and Linda for not having better pictures of you all.

This post is getting rather long so I’ll recap Friday and Saturday tomorrow.¬†I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and long weekend. Off to run, watch some football and teach. 5:30 at CrossFit Back Bay, come join me!