Goodbye 2012

Like most, I’ve been a little introspective as the year comes to a close. A lot of change happened in 2012. I quit the ad job I’d had for 5 years, moved across the country, decided to teach yoga full-time, started this blog and learned to run in 30 degree weather.

I am so thankful for all of these new opportunities but¬†I would be lying if I said it’s all been a perfectly easy and seamless transition. Like anything new there have been plenty of ups and downs. There have been moments of doubt, days of homesickness for San Francisco and all those I’ve left behind, nights pondering my now stagnant 401k and ego-driven conversations with myself about whether I’m really any good at this teaching thing.

But in the end I’m proud to say that I took the leap. That I didn’t allow fear to get the best of me. Knowing deep in my gut that I will never regret taking this chance regardless of the outcome. I am thankful for the opportunity to ‘start’ again, to reinvent my career, call a new city home, exploring both it and myself.

I am also so grateful to have a such a supportive partner, who believes in me with his whole heart and listens to the craziness and next big idea with complete attention. His confidence buoys mine and this adventure could never have been possible without him nudging me to try.

I have a new appreciation for New Years as it brims with possibility, hope and sparkle. I’m genuinely looking forward to the year ahead and all to come.

We happen to be celebrating in NYC this year. We drove down early yesterday morning after dropping my mom off at the airport. We got a fair amount of snow on Saturday night so the drive was beautiful and white and at 7am it only took about 3.5 hours.

Conn highway Snow on the drive Snow on the drive

For all the times Michael and I have both been to New York separately this is our first time in the city together.

We spent yesterday running with Eli in Central Park, exploring the city and shopping.

On our walk we stopped by Rockefeller Plaza to see the skating rink and tree.

Rock TreeRock Plaza30 Rock

Rock Plaza

Tonight we have reservation for a vegetarian prix fixe at Blossom and then we may attempt to walk near Times Square but don’t think we’ll be willing to brave the crowds.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your 2012 and a great start to 2013. Thank you for supporting my new endeavours as well. This blog wouldn’t be the same without its readers.

Enjoy and Exhale!

Garden of the Gods

Happy Cyber Monday. Hope you’re online shopping instead of working this fine morning. ūüôā

I purchased my first gift about 20 minutes ago. The holiday season has officially begun. But before we get all Christmas-y let’s finish up Thanksgiving.

After stuffing ourselves with delicious food on Thursday, Michael and I got up super early on Friday for another run around Colorado Springs. We ended up at Starbucks where we met Michael’s brothers Andy and David. We then leisurely strolled home with Andy while he told us the history of Colorado Springs.

After our walk we got ready to meet Michael’s dad and his wife for lunch at the Tavern in the Broadmoor Hotel. The Broadmoor is a beautiful old hotel with stunning views of the mountains. We took a little stroll afterward for some pictures.

The rest of Friday was a blur but we did take a lovely long nap in the afternoon. Love holiday weekends.

On Saturday morning we got up and went to the Garden of the Gods which is a collection of huge sandstone rock formations. I’ve been to Colorado Springs a few times now but had never made it there before. It was unbelievably pretty and only about 15 minutes from Jim and Linda’s place.

We got there on the earlier side to avoid the crowds but the sun was already shining and hot!

Hello hotness!

This formation is called Kissing Camels because of the two rocks at the top.

Beautiful view looking north over the garden.

An awkward self portrait. Love the camera shadow.


View from the top of the garden looking toward Colorado Springs. It was so peaceful and there were a bunch of hiking trails around the formations. I wish we could have spent all day hiking and exploring.

After Garden of the Gods we went into the little town of Manitou. We walked around for a bit and stumbled on the penny arcade, where we proceeded to play 6 rounds of Skeeball. So much fun, especially since I won every single game! My years of practice at Chuck E. Cheese’s finally paid off.

Soon it was time to head back to the airport.

We had such a wonderful time in Colorado. Thank you to all of Michael’s family for such a fun holiday. We’ll be back soon.


A Yoga Photo Shoot

When I decided to try my hand at teaching yoga in Boston I realized I was in need of some marketing materials, after all, I did work in advertising for 10 years. So I did what any good account person would do…I enlisted the help of my most creative friends.

It started with a logo. A very talented co-worker at my old agency, Christian Haas, @chaas, created the below for me in his spare time. He captured exactly what I was envisioning, something that speaks to the playful and calming aspects of my practice. Thank you Christian and happy birthday!

Then I decided I needed a bio picture or two. I was planning a trip to NYC last weekend and figured what better backdrop for a photo shoot than Central Park? My sister’s friend Will kindly agreed to take the photos. What we thought would be a few shots turned into many. The weather was perfect and we were having so much fun we kept shooting until we ran out of light. Here’s one of the trusty lighting assistant.

And below is a sample of the photos we took.

Which do you like best?

And staying in the yoga vein, my latest article is up on MindBodyGreen today about the side effects of yoga.

Have a great weekend everyone and if you’re on the east coast, stay dry!

New York Weekend Part 1

Hello from an Amtrak in Connecticut after a wonderful weekend.

Sarah had the a long weekend off work so I headed to New York for an extended stay on Saturday. We had such a good time. It’s always hard to leave but knowing we’ll see each other in Chicago in 4 weeks makes it easier, plus now that we’re on the same coast visits should be more plentiful.

Here’s a quick recap of our weekend.

Starting with a few pictures I snapped while on the train.  The below is from somewhere in Rhode Island.

And of course, this is a view of NYC right before you head into Penn Station.

Such a fun city. We started out with a weekend brunch with my sister’s best friend Lindsey and her mom. We went to Barbuto in the meatpacking district for cocktails and breakfast. ¬†The weather was so stunning so we sat out on their patio.

I¬†‘m actually not much of a brunch person because I don’t like eggs but I was able to find a couple of sides that were delicious. I had the saut√©ed greens and some heavenly crispy potatoes with parmesan cheese. And, thanks to my friend Kristy I have now learned how to tap and shoot on the iPhone so my food pictures should be a lot crisper. Thank you Garza!


After breakfast we headed to UrbanSpace which is sort of like an upscale flea market. They had lots of jewelry, clothing and food booths.

Here’s a picture of Sarah and Lindsey.


We walked the High Line after brunch. It’s an old freight track that they converted into a public garden. If you’re in NYC and haven’t had a chance to walk at least a little portion of it, I’d recommend it.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back tomorrow to recap the rest of our weekend, plus some more eats. And because I couldn’t resist, the photo below is one of the many that we took during our photo shoot over the weekend. ¬†Big thanks to Will Pine for spending all afternoon shooting me in various yoga poses throughout Central Park. I’ll share the other photos later this week. ¬†Check out Will’s website if you have any photography needs, he’s very talented.

Very last thing, if you didn’t get a chance to read it, my latest article is up on MindBodyGreen.

Have a great rest of your day.