Asparagus with Maple Tahini Dressing

Weekend post! So rare for me but I wanted to share.

Last week I created a veggie side dish featuring asparagus for WalkJogRun. I roasted the asparagus because it is still winter after all, then paired it with a lightly sweet, incredibly lovely maple tahini dressing that had me licking the bowl clean.

If you’re interested, you can find the recipe here or click on the first photo I’ve ever taken that I’m actually proud of! Progress is progress, no matter how small.

Vegetable Spotlight: Asparagus

Hope you’re having a relaxing St. Patty’s Day.

Enjoy and Exhale!

13 thoughts on “Asparagus with Maple Tahini Dressing

    • I love roasting my veggies way more than any other way of preparing. Having lived in SF for so long, where it never gets too hot to roast, I hadn’t even thought of the fact that there will come a period of time when I can’t!

  1. Love the photo. I’m not a big fan of asparagus, but yesterday while on a field trip I saw asparagus growing in the wild for the first time, and that together with your post made me want to give it another try 😀

  2. I love asparagus. Thick or thin…both delish. However, lately I’ve been into the thin asparagus… You know, the ones that look like they were picked too soon? They’re buch more flavorful than the thicker bunches. Sweeter…they roast faster, too: bonus!

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