A Yoga Photo Shoot

When I decided to try my hand at teaching yoga in Boston I realized I was in need of some marketing materials, after all, I did work in advertising for 10 years. So I did what any good account person would do…I enlisted the help of my most creative friends.

It started with a logo. A very talented co-worker at my old agency, Christian Haas, @chaas, created the below for me in his spare time. He captured exactly what I was envisioning, something that speaks to the playful and calming aspects of my practice. Thank you Christian and happy birthday!

Then I decided I needed a bio picture or two. I was planning a trip to NYC last weekend and figured what better backdrop for a photo shoot than Central Park? My sister’s friend Will kindly agreed to take the photos. What we thought would be a few shots turned into many. The weather was perfect and we were having so much fun we kept shooting until we ran out of light. Here’s one of the trusty lighting assistant.

And below is a sample of the photos we took.

Which do you like best?

And staying in the yoga vein, my latest article is up on MindBodyGreen today about the side effects of yoga.

Have a great weekend everyone and if you’re on the east coast, stay dry!

14 thoughts on “A Yoga Photo Shoot

  1. Lisa! I LOVE the logo! How very cool! And the photos are amazing – I would totally take a class from you – more than one, actually ๐Ÿ™‚ So excited for you and this next chapter. Hooray! xx

  2. Hey, Little One! ๐Ÿ™‚ The photos are fab. Really beautiful. Your blog is compelling … I get hungry every time I read it! Boston certainly seems to be treating you well. Looking forward to T-giving visit!


  3. these are awesome by the way!!! my friend is coming into the city this weekend, and i’m doing a photoshoot myself ๐Ÿ™‚ your yoga is much more advanced than mine (a work in progress) – great job!!! oh, and i’ll check you out on mindbodygreen – love that site.

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